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The following quotes were selected by members of the "Mr. N Club," Hoshi's long-time fan club, as some of their favorites from his novels and essays.

  • If you buy a small disaster and keep it as your own, it may very well protect you from a bigger one.

  • Human thought is faster than light.

  • If you look at incidents as news, they're ephemeral. But if you look at them as contradictions to humanity, they never grow old.

  • While we inherit pathos from our past, we should strive to gain humor in our future.

  • Ambiguity is the best solution to a problem that's too difficult to solve.

  • Forgetting is the secret to longevity.

  • "Absolutely" is a warning sign. It means "Don't fully trust this."

  • Reality is singular. The fictitious worlds are many. From them, we reexamine the one.*

  • Chitchat has value because it is useless. If you want something useful, buy a book.*

Quotes marked with * are from his novel "The Whim Quotient." The others are from his essays.

Photo courtesy of Shinichi Furukawa (Mr. N Club)

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