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Shinichi Hoshi Exhibition
At Setagaya Literary Museum in Tokyo
From April 29 to June 27, 2010
Poster Desgin By: Hirokazu Abeki
Shinichi Hoshi: Two Pioneers
At The Osamu Tezuka Manga Museum in Hyogo
From October 29, 2010 to February 20, 2011
Poster Design By: Tezuka Production
Shinichi and Hajime Hoshi Exhibition
At Shimpei Kusano Memorial Literary Museum in Fukushima
From October 3 to December 23, 2015


Hirameki no Housoku (The Rules of Inspiration: 1974 Recording of Hoshi's Lecture)
Hoshi Yose
Victor Entertainment

Theatrical Plays

Reclam Theatrical Company 2010
Reclam Theatrical Company 2009
Reclam Theatrical Company 2008
Reclam Theatrical Company 2007
Musashino Art University: Puppet Theater 2014
Office Fey 2014
ACM Bookmobile 2010
Streetwise Opera 2010
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