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The Other Side of the Swing

 The Other Side of the Swing

Who are we when we dream? What would we learn about other people if we could visit their dream worlds? Shinichi Hoshi put forth these stirring questions in The Other Side of the Swing.

The story's main character is a typical school boy, ripe with curiosity. One day, the boy finds himself lost in a dream world. In fact, it is his father's dream world: a place where his dad is young and carefree forever. Lured by this fairytale beginning, readers soon find themselves wandering through the cavernous folds of other people's dreams and realities.

Originally written as a full-length fantasy adventure in 1971, this abridged version of The Other Side of the Swing is a beautifully illustrated picture book for young readers. Playful acrylic paintings by illustrator Takashi Goto of Tokyo set the author's written words in motion.


  1. One Day
  2. Grandpa
  3. Prince of a Castle
  4. Lonely Town
  5. Long Live the Emperor
  6. The Road
  7. Babies
  8. And Then...


Translated and abridged by Marina Hoshi and Kim Hines
Illustrations by Takashi Goto

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