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Bestselling Titles

Each of the following titles has sold more than 1 million copies in Japan. The titles are English translations of the originals. Japanese titles are in parenthesis. Titles marked wtih * are published by Kadokawa. Others are published by Shinchosha.

  1. Miss Bokko (Bokko-chan)
  2. The Whimsical Robot (Kimagure Robot)*
  3. Aesop Fables for the Future (Mirai Issoppu)
  4. Heaven with a Demon (Akuma no iru Tengoku)
  5. Inconsistent Parts (Chiguhaguna Buhin)*
  6. Welcome, Earth! (Yokoso Chikyu-san)
  7. Meddlesome Gods (Osekkaina Kamigami)
  8. The Ending You Wished For (Onozomino Ketsukatsu)
  9. Bonbons and Nightmares (Bonbon to Akumu)
  10. Greetings from Outer Space (Uchu no Aisatsu)
  11. The Other Side of the Swing (Buranko no Mukode)
  12. The Fairy Distribution Company (Yousei Haikyu Gaisha)
  13. My Nation (My Kokka)
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